Dealing with Annoying Mystery Calls

They call non-stop, day and night. It may seem harmless at first, but now it’s becoming a sheer nuisance. When someone is calling constantly, this is a form of harassment and should be taken seriously. Having your phone ring at strange times can be alarming enough, but phone harassment can be form of stalking. Then again, it can just be a prank caller. We do not want to scare you, but to give you the simple facts when it comes to phone harassment.

Phone harassment happens to just about everyone, at one time or another. Ask anyone who had been through it and you will hear tales that range from fear to wanting to get even. You have the power to end this situation. Phone harassment is illegal in many countries and in all fifty states in the U.S. Here are some tips to get rid of your prank caller once and for all:

Ignore the Calls and/or Texts

By answering the phone, you will encourage them to continue to call your home. They feel that they got a hold of you once, they should continue to call. This is the last thing you want the caller to think. Ignoring the calls altogether by letting the phone ring or sending the phone directly to voice mail is the best way to handle this. Also, if you know the approximate time when the calls come in or realize that you don’t need to answer your phone, just turn it off.

Okay, answer LOUD

If the person continues to call, you can answer with a whistle or loud music. Shouting is not really recommended in this case. By answering with an extremely loud noise, it may make the caller think again about dialing your number.

Switch Numbers

As inconvenient as it is to change phone numbers and many should not have to do it, sometimes it is the easiest solution. You probably wouldn’t inquire about services if you were willing to switch numbers. As a precaution, guard your new number for future use or give an alternate number to those that are not close to you. A good choice would be to invest in a voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) number and/or Google voice number to give to business contacts and/or people that you may not consider friends.

Call the Police

No one really likes to call the police but phone harassment is a serious matter as well as against the law. If you do contact them, make sure you have a written log of when you receive the annoying calls, how frequently, etc. Also, any texts or SMS sent from them are good to show the police. The police can track the caller, and will more than likely put an end to the phone harassment. Before you bother the police, make sure what you are dealing with is phone harassment. Here is an article that covers what is considered phone harassment.

Skip the Police and Use Retro Sleuth

Retro Sleuth provides the same service that the police use, such as reverse phone lookup. You can use the caller’s phone number to look up their name, address, criminal history and a lot of other information. Once you know information about the caller, you may be able to stop them from calling by surprising with information that you know about them. If it is someone you know who is stalking you, then finding out their secret will probably stop them from calling altogether.

Complain to Your Service Provider

Contact your phone carrier to see what they can do for you in the case of phone harassment. If the person is always using the same phone number they will be able to block calls and texts from the number. They are more than willing to help you deal with phone harassment, and they help people with this issue quite frequently.