Finding Phone Numbers From All Over the World with White Pages

While Retro Sleuth does not provide lookups for international calls, we want to provide you with the services that will. The White Pages has the most extensive collections of international databases around. The first thing you will need to figure out is whether the country code uses the first two or three digits as part of the number. From there, you can check out the White Pages to find a page that has phone directories.


Paginas Blancas  – Using Paginas Blancas, you can click on the telephone tab at the top to do a reverse phone lookup.


Person Lookup  – Person Lookup provides reverse phone lookup on their main page. Enter the phone number in the second blank on the left side of the page.


White Pages – Click the ‘Reverse Phone’ tab on the homepage for a reverse phone lookup.


TeleXplorer –  Under ‘Residential Search’, click the tab ‘Telephone’ to do a reverse phone lookup.


Tportal –  On the homepage, click on the fourth tab that says “Search by Number” to complete a reverse phone lookup.


Paginas Blancas –  The homepage offers a search by name or phone. For a reverse phone lookup select the “Search by Phone” button.


118 218  – This site provides a reverse call search by clicking on the third button at the top of the page underneath the logo.


Das Telefonbuch Deutschland – Destele FonBunch offers reverse phone lookups for Germany. On the upper left corner of the main page is a window where you can look up phone numbers.


Ditel – Enter the phone number in the ‘Who to look for’ tab, found on the home page.


 – Enter the phone number at the top of the page to perform a reverse call search.


Phunwa –  This site offers reverse call lookups on the main page, also available in English.


Macedonia White Pages – After entering a CAPTCHA on the homepage to login, you can perform reverse phone searches.

Norway – Click the “telefonkatalog” tab then enter the phone number for a reverse search.

Sweden –  Enter phone number in the first blank found near the top of the page to begin your search.

Switzerland – Enter the phone number near the top left of the homepage in the space marked ‘Who?’ to perform a reverse phone lookup.