Stop Telemarketers Now by Never Picking Up a Phone Again – or Try these Methods to Avoid the Pesky Calls!

With all of the advancements in technology as well as advertising, you think that those annoying telemarketing calls would have stopped by now. Or, we hope that it would happen one day but the telemarketing industry is steadily growing! Now it’s even worse because most of us have mobile phones, so the telemarketers can reach us when we’re on the go. Telemarketing is just something we’ll all have to deal with until death do us part, but there are some ways to help stop telemarketing calls.

Cell Phone Lookup by Retro Sleuth

With Retro Sleuth, you can screen any unknown calls that show up on your mobile phone. This way, you don’t have wonder about not answering a call because the number is unfamiliar or blocked. All you do is enter the unknown number into Retro Sleuth then it will tell you who the caller is.

Keep Your Personal Information Private

One way to avoid telemarketers is to resist signing up for anything online. I know this can be very difficult, as I struggle with this rule all of the time. All you want to do is access a website, and the next thing you know, you are creating a username. This is a way for their marketing department to get your information and frequently send information or calling you constantly. One of the more recent marketing schemes is to have you give your name, address, email, so you can access certain pages on the internet. Do not do this, if possible! It is a scam to send you more advertising. Not only are you giving the advertisers your personal information, you are frequently giving them permission and/or even requesting that they contact you.
If you don’t want to avoid signing up for things online all together you can create a free Google Voice number. Anytime that you sign up for anything, give them this number. This way all of your junk calls will go to one number that is not your cell phone.

National Do Not Call Registry

Another way to drastically reduce the number of telemarketing calls is by getting on the Do Not Call List. As of 2003, there is an established “National Do Not Call Registry’’ in the United States created by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). To get on this phone list, you can visit DONOTCALL.GOV or call 1-888-382-1222 from the phone you wish to put on the list. Even if you are on the list that is supposed to save you from annoying calls, you still aren’t really saved from telemarketers. You will still get calls from charities, companies you’ve done business with and the ones you’ve given permission to call.

Privacy Star – the Privacy App

If you want to be proactive against telemarketers you can get the app Privacy Star for your phone. This allows you to report telemarketers to the FTC. It is important that you make sure that you are signed up on the “Do Not Call Registry” before you bother getting this App. The FTC is flooded with complaints from this app about calls that would have been blocked if the person had signed up for the “Do Not Call Registry”.
The Privacy Star app can be purchased at The app works with Iphones, Androids and Blackberries. It is only .99 cent to purchase, and you can help battle the telemarketers!